FAQ: The Present — Day Moon Year
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Help! I'm on BACKERKIT and I want to order more than what you are allowing me to order.

Hello and thank you so much.

One must be careful with shipping costs as they can be the type of surprise that’s no fun to get. If you want more than what is available please email me (Scott Thrift) directly at thepresent@daymoonyear.com

I will be able to sort out exactly what your shipping costs are based on your needs and location so that we can make sure there are no surprises.

Thank you for your generosity.

In time,

Scott Thrift

Last updated: October 01, 2020 12:09

What are the dimensions of the wall clocks?

All wall clocks are 11” in diameter (27.94 cm)

Thickness of glass encased version is 2.5” in the center (6.35 cm)

Without glass the thickness is 2” (5.08 cm)

Last updated: August 26, 2020 23:46

Regarding shipping: I'm an international backer, will I have to pay VAT or do you do that?

As much as I love international backers the pricing of all rewards does not include VAT from your home country. These fees vary wildly and I suggest you estimate the costs of any additional taxes you may have to pay in order to receive this item.

Last updated: August 26, 2020 23:46

I feel like your shipping prices are a bit low, if there is any overage, how do I help you cover the full shipping costs?

Shipping on Kickstarter is tough to gauge. It turns out that backers on my project are from 41 countries! While that is AMAZING news it’s also amazingly complicated to ship items out to that many places or to know exactly how much each item will cost until it happens.

I have done my best to estimate the costs of shipping all of the items around the world. Once your items are ready to ship and I know the exact costs I will notify you of any overages, hopefully they will be minimal. If you have the means and want to make sure you cover the full costs of shipping to your country then I will graciously accept your support.

If that suggestion bothers you in any way I will stand by my estimates and pay for any overcharges as needed. It’s more important for these timepieces to arrive with a sense of calm and paying overages is a risk I’ve always been willing take to ensure delivery tranquility.

Last updated: October 01, 2020 12:27

Why would I want to familiarize myself with additional scales of time?

The Present can provide an approachable awareness of the nature of time.

The analog portrayal of The Present — Day, Moon and Year helps you tune in to the pace of change as it happens in nature. Seeing time from this wider point of view helps you become accustomed to the size of time and your place in it. It’s refreshing in a way that Coca-Cola wants and claims to be.

How can we expect to achieve any sense of balance with time if we continue to limit ourselves to seeing it from a single point of view. Welcome to The Present, a thought provoking art installation that helps you get to know the holistic side of time better; tools to explore the nature of time.

Now you can give yourself the time you’ve been missing for ages.

Last updated: August 26, 2020 23:46

Do any of these timepieces make an audible clicking sound?

As far back as I can remember, I am the type of person who would remove the batteries from clocks that ticked too loud. A loudly ticking clock is something that gets under my skin and it’s one of the many reasons that all three of the clocks I produce are silent.

The movement of each timepiece is held in protective cork housing and sealed by a magnetized stainless steel plate. With those two layers there is no chance you will hear these timepieces tick. Even outside of the cork insulation The Present Year movement is silent.

The movement for The Present Moon has not been created yet but silence is imperative and again even if it is not completely silent, which I will make every effort for it to be, the sound insulation quality of cork and steel will silence any ticking sounds.

The Present Day is practically inaudible, meaning if you put the movement right up against your ear you can hear it clicking second by second. However, once again, it will be housed in materials that will not allow you to hear a single tick. If you can hear any of these clocks ticking, please let me know because something is wrong.

Last updated: August 26, 2020 23:46

With The Present Day, is it meant to accurately reflect exact sunrise and sunset times?

The face of The Present Day is a fixed interpretation of a single day on Earth. It is meant to portray the holistic balance of dawn, day, dusk and night whether you are in Quito, Ecuador or Lapland, Sweden.

The Present Day is not a tool for determining the exact times of sunset and sunrise. If you look at the face you will notice that dawn and dusk stretch for quite some distance. This is intentional as I want to turn your attention to the length and largeness of dawn and dusk. The beauty of how dusk and dawn blends the polarity of night and day together is astonishing, every, single, day.

It is my hope that living with The Present Day lifts your perception of “Time of Day” away from labelling the sunrise as 06:35 or the sunset at 19:24 and towards the sublime. Technically when the hand is horizontal, it will be 06:00 on the left and 18:00 on the right side, 12:00 is at the top and 00:00 at the bottom but you will likely never use The Present Day in a way that resembles your previous experiences with clock-time.

The Present Day is about celebrating the mysterious and poetic nature of one 24 hour day on Earth. 200 million years ago a day on Earth was 23 hours short — 200 million years ago, the Atlantic Ocean did not exist. We are alive in the moment of time when a day of life on Earth spans 24 hours, The Present Day is an approach to “Time of Day” that makes space for a deeper and in my experience, profound new appreciation for the quality of time itself. The span of mist in the center of the design is intended to loosely hold night and day together, to change the way you see your day no matter who or where you are.

Collectively, The Present is a means to transcend our ordinary perception of time. We can clearly see what sort of world industrial time creates, it is of course, the one we live in now. What we don’t know is what type of world we can create with common access to these holistic, natural points of view on time.

Last updated: August 26, 2020 23:46

How does The Present Year know how to "auto-set" itself to the present?

The short answer: custom German engineering.

The long answer: When the movement is assembled by hand in Germany, it is initialized with the date it is created. At that moment, an on-board battery is loaded with the calendar dates, including leap years, for the next 30 years. When you put your batteries into the movement the hand will complete one rotation in 180 seconds. The hand will then stay still for twelve seconds as it calculates where it needs to land on the dial. It does this through a sophisticated combination of light pulses and twelve tiny gears that move the hand forward to the day you turn it on. Once it lands on the present, you will never see it move again, at least in the same way you expect a clock to move.

What begins to happen is that you gradually gain a whole new appreciation for time and the holistic beauty of incremental transformation. I would say it takes 72 hours at least to be able to notice any sort of movement. The meditative simplicity of that experience was what I needed in my life and found it necessary to create, with the help of hundreds of backers here on Kickstarter.

Last updated: August 26, 2020 23:46

What do you mean the hand of The Present Year sets itself to the day you turn it on?

Let’s say your friend’s birthday is June 21 but you are a great gift giver and you purchase The Present Year in late March. You can wait until June 21 to give them The Present and when they put batteries into it, the hand will set itself to June 21 — the summer solstice, where the hand points vertically straight down.

If they wait until June 22 to turn it on, it will set itself to June 22, one degree farther along the cycle.

Last updated: August 26, 2020 23:46

If it doesn't have glass, can you clean or touch the face without harming the print?

Yes you can clean the face with a damp cloth if needed without damaging the face. The face is meant to be touched because it has a unique texture I chose out of hundreds of options. The following question from a backer and the answer from me go into much greater detail as to why.

You asked: Is the Present, without the protective glass dome, made of such material that air humidity, sun light, occasional fall etc won’t bend it or break it?

The steel and glass is meant to give the clock a unique reflective dimension that allows you to see yourself and the room in The Present. Many people prefer that look and almost the exact same amount of people prefer the glassless version.

Without the steel and glass the face of the clock can be touched and cleaned without any trouble at all. This is possible because the print is ‘reverse printed’ behind a proprietary film made in the USA.

So you cannot damage the print even if you scratch your fingernails across it. I do not recommend doing that, I only mention it to help you understand that the ink is protected by a hardened film and I invite everyone to touch the face as it is made to be touched. The face has a wonderful velvet matte texture that absorbs light instead of reflecting it.

The print is beautifully made and looks stunning in direct sunlight. Part of the long term story is that the color will degrade slowly depleting over many dozens of years in an approachable ever-changing art installation on the gallery that is one of your walls.

The cork body, which is the same body on both versions, is impermeable to moisture, dust, mold, losing its shape. I am aware that people currently live with these timepieces in 42 countries including humid places like the Philippines. I’ve taken the disparate climates of Earth into account in the design and I’m confident that I’ve done the best I can create timepieces that will work for years.

The cork body can withstand outrageous amounts of pressure without breaking or losing form. The face will retain its color quality for a decade or more before you notice any sort of fading effect.

Last updated: August 26, 2020 23:46

What is Kickstarter anyway?

Kickstarter is a platform for creative projects like The Present a set of philosophical timepieces that

It’s a global platform where someone like me can say, “Hi let’s make something together.” Let’s make something new together.” As a backer your role is to either believe in the idea or not. Is the something this person wants to make together with me something that I believe might be of benefit to someone and that someone is me. It’s the creative

These timepieces pledges capital to make it happen. It’s a unique way to realize creative dreams that might otherwise never see the light of day. The backer gets the joy of helping this creator make their thing and is invited into the process to see the thing being made before it ships out to you.

There is nothing quite like backing a project, seeing it come together and then having it show up on your doorstep. It’s the best way to produce a transformative set of timepieces like The Present.

Another benefit of Kickstarter for a maker like myself is that I can keep things independent and answer only to the backers who have helped me produce the thing.

Finally, Kickstarter is not a store.

When you pledge, you know that the thing only exists as a prototype and that it will take time to bring it to life. Thankfully, you will be along for the ride so not only do you actually make the thing possible, you can become involved in the process as you are a part of the community responsible for making the thing real in the first place.

Last updated: August 26, 2020 23:46

On your 2011 and 2016 campaigns your steel and glass clocks were $120 & $158 respectively, what's with the price increase?

Setting the price at $120 in 2011 was a classic example of me underselling myself mixed with being a total novice in manufacturing. Over the years and a few thousand clocks later, my attempts at keeping the steel and glass aesthetic while also breaking even failed multiple times. To this day, making these clocks has never been profitable. I get by as a freelance video editor with a keen sense of timing; these clocks have always been passion project. Maybe that will change in future but in the present I’m making these because I know they bring joy and serenity into people’s lives.

Read some of the testimonials I’ve received over the years and you may come to the same conclusion I have, these clocks must be made and distributed.


That is why I have raised the price of the steel and glass model, precisely so that I am not shooting myself in the foot every time someone gets one. I’ve been sold out completely for two years because I underpriced everything. Selling out of these timepieces may sound cool from the outside but I have zero interest in selling out, I always want to have these timepieces available for anyone who thinks it might benefit them in the slightest.

I have had to accept the truth that without the benefit of utilizing the economies of scale to make 100,000 all at once — it’s not possible to offer the steel and glass encasement, in the totally custom way each piece is made, for less than $299.

Because I wanted to “make a deal” the first time around in 2011 and offer the “lowest price possible” in 2016, I made everything much more difficult than it needed to be in both instances.

I’m no longer willing to put myself in a situation where I cannot cover the cost of sustainably producing these magical items. That is the key reason the goal is $100,000 more than I have ever asked before. It would have benefited my campaign tremendously if I set the goal arbitrarily at $24,000 but I decided to let it be known what the bare minimum of producing these timepieces is in truth.

The pricing across the board has been deeply considered to allow for more clocks to be made so that I never sell out again. At $149 and $299 I will be able to make another clock with each sale so that the whole thing is set up to refresh itself cyclically.

Every time I’ve done this I have tried to lower the price, this time around I know what the value is coupled with a deep knowledge of how complicated and laborious they are to make and ship. On the last project I calculated that I had enough boxes of clocks that I could best the Washington Monument in size if I were able to somehow stack them that on top of each other. (over 555’ high - 170 meters)

In closing, I believe these are tools that upgrade your capacity to value time itself and that is worth far more than $299. Being able to better appreciate the nature of time is invaluable. Sure, I’ve asked myself, “Is this seriously worth $299?” I’ve been asking myself that question for almost eight years now and the clearest answer I can give your is that $299 feels like $2.99 once you compare it with the value of getting to know time better.

TL;DR The change in price reflects my growth as a producer coupled with an objective acceptance of the value these timepieces offer the owner and their family.


In time,

Scott Thrift

Last updated: August 26, 2020 23:46

How will I know when to pick my kids up from school with The Present?

You won’t.

You will use the before time to pick up your kids from school. The before time is the best tool on Earth to help you be ON time. The Present is the best tool on Earth to help you be IN time.

Please, use The Present to help your kids understand that there is more to time than modern time can tell.

Use The Present to help your kids understand that they are a part of something bigger and more holistic than our single shared approach to time.

Introduce yourself and others to the notion of life-time as a long lost friend of work-time.

Use The Present to introduce yourself and your family to the joyful stillness of being in time.

Last updated: August 26, 2020 23:39

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